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European Council of Town Planners, 2003

The European Council of Town Planners (ECTP) is confident that in the 21st century Europe will advance decisively towards the goal of integration. Within this developing framework, the ECTP presents a common and widely shared Vision on the future of European cities (Part A). This is a vision of a network of cities, which will: retain their cultural richness and diversity, resulting from their long history, linking the past through the present to the future; become connected in a multitude of meaningful and functional networks;remain creatively competitive whilst striving for complementarity and co-operation;contribute decisively to the well-being of their inhabitants and users; and integrate the man-made and the natural elements of the environment. Within the New Athens Charter 2003, the Vision also includes a framework for implementation (Part B) consisting of: a brief summary of the main issues and challenges that affect cities at the beginning of the third millennium; and the commitments required by spatial planners in realising the Vision. This 2003 version of the New Charter of Athens is addressed primarily to professional planners working throughout Europe and those concerned with the planning process - to give direction to their actions, for greater coherence in building a meaningful network of cities in Europe connected through time, at all levels and in all sectors.

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