eGovernment unit
DG Information Society and Media,
European Commission, 2007

Citizen-centric governments deliver cost-effective, personalised and relevant e-services that simultaneously enhance democratic dialogue. From our study over 24 months for the European Commission eGovernment Unit1 we assessed the ways in which organisations are changing to deliver eGovernment services, and found that a simple focus on the organisation was not sufficient – it is the way in which the organisation mediates a critical relationship between government and citizen that matters. We found that it is not enough just to implement organisational change. Change in itself will not guarantee delivering services that deliver public value. You can make progress in eGovernment through modernisation and the effective use of IT. You can also work on processes that improve the trust of citizens in government. To make real progress on transforming government services you should aim to positively transform the relationship between government and citizens.

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