Expert Group of the European Commission; 2011

The objective of this group is to conduct both quantitative and qualitative analyses in terms of well-grounded connections between challenges and visions and options for action on which policies can be built in the years to come. This is to be done through the elaboration and exploration of the main drivers that may affect or impact the world and Europe by 2030/2050, thus integrating the long-term dimension in the policy preparation. On 28 November 2011, the European Commission organized a conference in Brussels on "Global Europe 2050" which presented the results of a European foresight expert group year-long work. The focus of this expert group was "The World and Europe up to 2050: EU policies and research priorities". "Global Europe 2050" is line with the EU report published two years ago and entitled "The World in 2025". But "Global Europe 2050" has a longer-term perspective to tackle issues such as natural resources availability, infrastructures and territorial dynamics.

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