World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), 2010

When the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) was established in 1990, the founding Members of this private sector industry association decided that the quantification of Travel & Tourism's impact on world and national economies would be the most important contribution they could make to achieve their goal of raising awareness among policy leaders and decision-makers of Travel & Tourism's economic contribution and its potential for creating wealth and employment around the world. The subsequent 19 years of investment in solid, professional and credible research, which to date has exceeded US $5million made a significant contribution to the development of the new international standard for Tourism Satellite Accounting (TSA) research, adopted in 2001 by the United Nations Statistical Commission.

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Angus Maddison
Groningen Growth and Development Centre, 2003.

Historical Statistics for the World Economy: 1 - 2003 AD is an Excel spreadsheet with historical data on population, GDP, and per capita GDP. Its print equivalent is in The World Economy: Historical Statistics by Angus Maddison, OECD Development Centre, Paris, 2003.

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Economic Research Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2009.

The following Excel spreadsheets contain historical data for countries/regions from 1969 to 2008.

Economic Research Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2009.

The following Excel spreadsheets provide the macroeconomic projections used in the Baseline for 2000-20.

World Economics is an organisation dedicated to producing analysis, insight and data relating to questions of importance in understanding the world economy. Currently their primary research objective is to encourage and assist the development of better and faster measures of economic activity. Their work is mainly of interest to investors, organisations and individuals in the financial sector and to significant corporations with global operations, as well as governments and academic economists

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The Maddison Project has launched an updated version of the original Maddison dataset in January 2013. The update incorporates much of the latest research in the field, and presents new estimates of economic growth in the world economic between AD 1 and 2010. 

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