By Universidade do Minho, Núcleo de Investigação em Políticas Económicas - NIPE, 2014


The purpose of this study is to analyse the relationship between European Territorial Cooperation and Culture. A strategic component is added to the analysis component, seeking to identify funding opportunities for culture in Portugal within the scope of ETC programmes. This study’s main objectives are to: i) briefly analyse the history of cohesion policy and of the ETC, particularly in Portugal; ii) review the literature on the delimitation of the cultural and creative sectors and on the role of culture in cohesion policy and in the ETC; iii) analyse the ETC programmes in the last two programming periods, emphasizing the position of Portuguese entities and the weight of cultural or culture related projects; iv) to analyse the experience of Portuguese entities in ETC programmes and their view on how they work; v) to obtain the perspective of project coordinators and programme managers on these matters; vi) to analyse the orientations and priorities of cohesion policy in general and of the ETC programmes, in particular, in the next programming period; vii) to elaborate proposals of entry-points for cultural initiatives in ETC programmes; viii) to analyse the ETC’s current situation and perspectives using a SWOT analysis; and, ix) to present a set of policy recommendations to improve the Portuguese cultural sector’s approach to these programmes.